Relationships between Dancer, Parent and Coach

The relationship between a parent and coach is critical to the success of your dancer(s). Kids gain more confidence and perform better when they know that you support their coach and training. When a parent is always criticizing the coaches or coaching staff, your child will begin to doubt them as well and will find it difficult to have a positive outtake on their training. 
Why should you support the coach?
 Coaches are one of the greatest influences in an athlete’s life. They can shape your kids to become great athletes and even better people by instilling values of teamwork, discipline, hard work and sacrifice. A coach alone cannot train your child(ren) to their fullest potential. It’s crucial to have your help as well. Kids should develop their skills both on and off the dance floor. So it is important for you to select the right coach for your child, and support them to [ ]

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