Competition Info

1. Must be able to perform any day Thursday-Sunday of a competition. Competition schedules with specific information on times and days are generally not released until the week prior to competition. We will choose the competitions in the fall with their dates and locations to be posted.
2. Everyone interested in being on the team is required to attend summer classes and our audition camp.
3. Sign the Competition Team Code of Conduct form
4. Attendance: Competition is a team activity. Attendance is extremely important for a successful year! Attendance at competitions to support ALL of our team is required! **Attendance at classes during the week preceding a competition is MANDATORY. If you miss during that week, you may be asked to sit out of the competition. Refunds of competition entry fees will not be given. When signing up for extra-curricular activities such as sports, music and theatre-please be aware of the potential conflicts with class and competition dates. Please help you dancer adjust their schedule to reflect that competition is their priority! Attendance will be strictly monitored during the dance year and is absences become excessive or detrimental to the student or class, there will be a meeting between student, parent & faculty to reassess commitment. If you will be missing class, we ask that you text or email your instructor prior to class.


All competitions have different fees.
We will attend 4 regional competitions and a nationals. The following is approximately what you might expect to pay for each competition.
Solo/duo/trio are approximately $95-$125 per routine for EACH competition.
Group routines are approximately $50-$60 per person per routine for EACH competition.
Fees for each competition should be paid upon receipt of statement. Missing a due date will result in a $20 late fee per routine. Please note that there will be a $5 administrative processing fee placed on each entry for competition. NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE IF FEES ARE NOT PAID 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO COMPETITION.


Up to $250.00 per costume for competition costumes.
Costume payments must be paid in full by November 14, 2020. You will be notified of your costume fees in September.
*Specific tights, shoes & misc. accessories are not included in costume fees

Misc Fees:

1. Competition jackets are required for all team members and are to be worn to all competitions/performances. You will be notified of the cost and payment must accompany the order. Parents are welcome to purchase jackets as well to support the team.



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